Meet the Staff
Yucca Elementary School
District No. 13
Our amazing teachers are an integral part of creating an inviting and safe environment for our new and returning students. They encourage individual thought and innovation,
and expect the very best from their students. Their dedication to their students is unsurpassed and is evident in their many student activities that include but are not limited to
plays, arts, crafts, and science projects. Parent involvement is also encouraged in all that they do for the students.
Master Chef
Our Master Chef, Mrs. Spinello.
Art Teacher

Thomas's Bio
Mrs. Bankston : K - 2 Teacher
Bankston's Corner
Mrs. Kremenak : 6 - 8 Teacher
Kremenak's Corner
Mrs. Vincent : 3 - 5 Teacher
Head Teacher
Vincent's Corner
Our assistants are a necessary part of daily life at Yucca Elementary School. They play so many vital roles to help our days run smooth. As well as fulfilling their duties in
the office and classrooms, they help out wherever else they are needed.
Mrs. Macomb : Business Manager

Macomb's Bio
Mrs. Brown : 3rd - 5th Grade Assistant
Brown's Bio
Mrs. Enloe : K - 2nd Grade Assistant
Ms. Thomas
Spinello's Bio
Business Manager

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