Yucca Elementary School
District No. 13
Statement from our School Board President
The main reason I want to serve on the Yucca School Board is to focus on the educational needs
of the children in the Yucca School. The future of these children depends on good direction
which, as a member of the School Board, I can help provide.

These children need all the guidance and leadership we can give them in order for them to
become responsible adults.  I feel that by serving on the School Board, I can be a positive
influence in their lives.

By visiting the School, I will become better informed concerning all phases of the school; also, to
observe the performance of the students and the curriculum presentation.  Then presenting my
findings to the other Board members, could aid in further development and implementation of
educational programs.

I don’t have an educational background, but as a former Management employee of two Fortune
500 corporations, as well as being co-owner of a small business, I feel I bring an entirely different
perspective to the Board.  I do have a degree in Business Administration, and have a working
knowledge of budgets and planning.  As such, I feel I can help develop and implement school
improvement plans.

To reiterate my opening statement…the focus is on the children and their education.

Marilyn J. Shore

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