Home to the Yucca Coyotes
Yucca Elementary School
District No. 13
Mrs.  Renée Macomb

Business Manager
“My satisfaction comes from my commitment to advancing a better world.”
--Faye Wattleton

These few words have had such a profound result that Renee chooses to pursue this very commitment
every day at Yucca Elementary School.  Within the school, she has been a teaching assistant for both
classrooms beginning in Mrs. Kroger’s 3rd-5th grade classroom.  After working in the older grade
classroom, Renee made her way to Ms. Bankston’s classroom to work with K-2nd graders.  After being a
teaching assistant, Renee became the Title I Teacher focusing more on individual students. For her,
working with the students is very fun, rewarding, and every day has new challenges.   On another venture
in her journey, Renee has become the DIBELS® Test Coordinator and is currently the
Business Manager.  
In every aspect, Yucca Elementary School is a great place for her, and is a great opportunity to be
working with such a diverse group of students, staff and friends.  

Renee and her husband Chris have lived in Yucca for over
17 years.  Together they have three great kids
whom have all attended Yucca Elementary School.  Each of their kids has had the privilege to be taught by
the same kindergarten teacher; the one and only Ms. Bankston.  Two of their three children have also been
taught by Mrs. Kroger.  The sense of dedication found within these teachers creates an incredible school
that encourages comr
adery and community.  

Renee and her family enjoy the outdoors where they can tend to their many animals, work in their gardens,
and enjoy family bonding.  Renee feels as though relationships are built over time, and she strives to
connect with family, friends, and her community.  

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