History of Yucca Elementary School
Yucca Elementary School
District No. 13
The Yucca Elementary School  has been in existence since the early 1900's.  It began as a one-room
schoolhouse with no electricity.  In the winter, some of the older students would come early every
morning and light the wood stove before school began.  The teacher lived on school grounds in a
small building called a "teacherage" which consisted of a living room, kitchen, bedroom and
bathroom.  The teacher was responsible for teaching all grades, taking care of district budgets and
paperwork, as well as janitorial work.  

As the student population grew, electricity was added, the teacherage became the office, a cafeteria
was built, another classroom was added, and the teacher lived in a trailer behind the school building.  
This is how the school remained until 1995 when the Board purchased the property next to the
school and built a new building that housed 2 classrooms and a small office.  

Today the school has 2 classrooms, an office, a library, a computer lab, a kitchen, and a
multi-purpose room which serves as a cafeteria and gymnasium.
Yucca Elementary School's Early Beginnings
Yucca School focuses on a variety of co-curricular as extra-curricular activities apart from paying
strong attention to the academic requirements of our students. Yucca School hires qualified and
experienced teachers, ensuring the highest standards of education and mentoring.

The school is equipped with all the facilities that one would need to ensure the best exposure to core
academic concepts and practices to students. With a library offering a wide varieties of books,
magazines and other learning material, Yucca School ensures variety in education while ensuring
steady focus on enhancing the potential of each of our students.

Our students enjoy a playground that consists of a full sized basketball court, baseball field, and a
state of the art challenger playstructure with a shade.
Yucca Elementary School Today

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