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Yucca Elementary School
District 13
We have a uniform policy here at Yucca Elementary where all students must wear a
uniform shirt with the school logo. Shirts can be purchased at the school for a fee.
We have a variety of styles and colors.
Dress Code and Uniform Policy
Uniform Policy
  • All students must wear a uniform shirt.
  • New students will be given one week to acquire uniform shirts.
  • The uniform shirt must be worn over any other shirt.
  • Polo shirts must have the bottom two buttons buttoned.
  • Uniform shirts must be kept clean and not written on or torn.
  • Thursdays are the only day that the students are allowed to wear Yucca event shirts.
Dress Code
  • Clothing must cover the body.
  • Shorts and skirts must be as long or longer than the tip of the middle finger of the
    student when the student's arms are by their side.
  • Shoes must fit and be worn all day.
  • No flip-flops, backless shoes, open-toed shoes, or high-heeled shoes are allowed.
  • Baseball caps are allowed outside only and cannot have any profane or derogatory
    wording or images.
  • No hats are allowed to be worn in buildings except on special days.
  • Students are not allowed to write on their bodies with markers, pens or other items.

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