Home to the Yucca Coyotes
Yucca Elementary School
District No. 13
                                                                                 Diane Brown

After some major life changes and taking a couple of years off to travel, Diane, with her partner, Charlie Brown, (Yes, that’s his
real name) bought property and parked the bus here, on the outskirts of the intriguing Yucca, township of AZ, in June of 2014.

When Diane heard about the small school in Yucca, she stated that she must find work there. Her love of children and her deep
desire to impart the wonders of learning to them is what motivated her to seek employment at this little school.

Diane loves working with children and has many different experiences to share. Besides homeschooling her own three children
for 6 years, she was an AWANA leader, the 4H rabbit project leader, Sunday School teacher and coordinator, she gave horse
riding lessons to many of the neighborhood children with her extensive collection of horses and ponies. While her children were
in school in their first 3 years of schooling, Diane was a volunteer who spent so much time at the school that she was eventually
hired as a teacher’s aide.

Diane’s three children have grown to be respectable adults and are, in her words, “Awesome!” Her son joined the Navy for 4
years, went to college on his G.I. bill, and majored in kinesiology. He now runs a pool company and is head coach for the club
swim team in the Coachella Valley. He swims in masters and was recently rated tenth in the nation in his age group. He has
recently become engaged.

Diane’s oldest daughter graduated high school 10th out of a class of about 400 students. She went to college and majored in
liberal studies and Spanish culture. She graduated on the dean’s list! She holds a job as office manager for a physical therapy
office and she is currently working on getting her teaching credential. She married her high –school sweetheart, who is a 5th
grade teacher. They have 3 children. As a family, they compete in 5k runs, half-marathons, and local triathlons. Her 8 year old
is a star soccer player and recently took first place in her age group on a 3.8 mile, uphill run.

Diane’s youngest daughter joined the Navy out of high school and she has made it her career. She has been stationed in
Kuwait, Iraq, and Italy. She now travels all over the world as a Naval Inspector. She married a Navy office and together, they
compete in running events. They often compete with her sister’s family.

Diane wants people to know about her children so they may feel confident in her abilities as she works with the children
enrolled here at Yucca Elementary School. Diane is privileged to be appointed as Title One professional, and P.E. teacher,
besides being a teacher’s aide. Diane loves working one-on-one with children to help them become their very best. She also
loves P.E. as she has pursued her own physical fitness nearly all of her life. She believes physical fitness is important to all
aspects of life, including mental and emotional fitness. She believes that there are too many benefits to not try and be physically
fit! Diane loves the outdoors and will be found outside on any given day when not at work. Her favorite activities are
landscaping, gardening, hiking, horse riding, and working out. She also loves art. She enjoys creating beauty, and loves to share
that joy with her students.

Charles and Diane were married in August, 2015. They hope to live in Yucca long enough to see today’s Yucca Elementary
students become tomorrow’s successful adults!

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